Balkancar Iskar



BALKANCAR ISKAR was specialized in the most traditional mechanical engineering products in large series, such as gears, axles, shafts, etc. The plant was founded in 1967 and in 1973 directed its production mainly for cylindrical gears, axles and shafts for industrial trucks and vehicles. The company supplied parts not only for BALKANCAR, but other Bulgarian engine equipment producers like VAMO Varna, UNIKA Vratza, MAYAK Dobritch. Some special products were delivered to clients in France and Italy, such as automobile gear boxes, planetary reducers and gear wheels.

Balkancar G.Mihaylov



BALKANCAR G.MIHAYLOV manufactured electromagnets, reversers, electric motors, electric panels and instalations, coils, rotors. These products are of essential importance for the safety operation and quality level  in general of the trucks.

Balkancar Zvezda




From its very beginning of establishment in 1965, the ZVEZDA enterprise was specialized in steering gears. The product structure included gears for loading the steering axle from 1 to 2 tons and from 3.5 to 7 tons, a range of hydraylic double-acting cylinders, servocylinders, piston cylinders, servobrakes, etc. Most of the products were developed in cooperation with leading European companies

Balkancar T.Petrov



The parts and components produced by BALKANCAR T.PETROV added new range of gears required for the industrial trucks assembly. After mastering the production of bevel gears for industrial trucks, in 1990 the plant directed its effords in manufacturing gear units for autos, trolleys, trams and for other material handling equipment as well as for agricultural firms.

Balkancar Mizia


Balkancar MIZIA was well known to the customers of inductrial trucks as a supplier of attachments - clapms (basic and rotating ones), side shifters, pushers, fork extentions, jib booms, working platforms, etc. The plant was build in 1968. The personnel was over 200 peoples and exports mainly for the countries of East and Central Europe, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria in average of 1500 attachments per year.

Balkancar ZFI



BALKANCAR ZFI was the largest manufacturer of brake linings in Bulgaria, namely drum and disc brake linings, cylinder gaskets for engines, sealings and ferodo bands/pads. Asbestors-free drum linings and new types of brake linings for trucks were introduced for customers like SANOS, IFA, FIAT, IVECO, PREJO, MERCEDES, NISSAN, MAZDA, KAMAZ etc. The company also produced asbestos-free brake linings for passengers cars like MERCEDES, FIAT, VOLKSWAGEN, FORD, VOLVO, ROVER, NISSAN, etc.

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