Balkancar Erma



BALKANCAR ERMA was a specialized plant manufacturing chains for industrial trucks and farming machinery production. The link chains having various pitches and combination of links and roller chains of great variety were used in the lifting equipment of electric and engine-powered industrial trucks.

Balkancar Dunav



Being one of the 5 manufaturers of completed products within Balkancar, the company offered 8 product types - electric platform trucks, dumpers, tractors, three- and four-wheelers, electric reach trucks, passenger trucks and platform trailers. All majour componets are manufactured locally.

Balkancar Pleven




Another famous Bulgarian producer "Balkancar-Pleven" was originally designed for an annual production capacity of 9,500 trucks.The latest series of trucks were "Pleven" (d / n 1.25 ... 2.5 m). Maneuverability and compactness, improved technical specifications, new design and reasonable price gave them a fairly good demand and use in different industries. Forklifts were equipped with three-cylinder four-stroke diesel D 2500K power 33 kW at 2250 min -1 and torque 154 Nm at 1400 min -1 cooled firm VAMO (Varna). Latest designs were able to release a series of multi-loaders Pleven 01 "g / n 2.5 m with a diesel four-cylinder engine VAMO D 3900 K, as well as a gas version of the engine VAMO. The design used hydrodynamic transmission with dual-drive (to move back and forth), the inclusion of which is carried out with the built-in electromagnetic valve. In the transmission-mounted inching valve to take advantage of the "creeping progress" at a high rotational speed, drive axle, consisting of a differential and two planetary gear units. These models were equipped with wheels with pneumatic tires. Hydrostatic power steering system will minimize the efforts on the handlebars. Steering axle of a new design is equipped with double acting hydraulic cylinder. Range in elevation - from 2,8 to 4,5 m, with options to join different plug-lifting equipment. Lifting Device (LD) was made of special stainless steel profiles. Hingedly connected to the chassis of the device provides the necessary tilt back and forth. All types of forklifts provided good visibility zone handling. Controls were conveniently placed and driven by minimal effort, the driver's seat fully meet modern requirements of ergonomics.

Range in elevation - from 2,8 to 4,5 m, was able to join different plug-lifting equipment. Lifting Device (LD) has been made of special stainless steel profiles, connected to the chassis of the device provided for the necessary tilt back and forth.

Balkancar Pleven manufacture seven modifications of the famous Record-1 family of trucks, including four luxurious modifications called EURO 1.6.

Balkancar Sredetz




“Balkancar-Sredetz” company has a century-old history – it was founded on 15 Jan 1907 as a Military Engineering Workshop. Between 1912-1914 the factory business was reparing and maintenance of military equipment. In 1925 begun the repairing of motorcars. During 60's first pertol engines were produced and regular production of diesel forklifts begun. Regular manufacture of electric platform trucks and forklifts was further developed during 70’s.

Planned production capacity of the plant Balkancar Sredetz accounted for more than 5,000 trucks a year, destined mainly for export to Western Europe. Universal loaders latest series of "Sredetz" can handle loads weighing 1,6 ... 5,0 t at a height of lifting 2,8 ... 6,2 m. They are easy to operate, they have improved design and ergonomics. The main aggregates offered free access. Loaders were equipped with diesel or gas engine with a special performance of hydraulic pumps and pump servo. Diesel model was equipped with an air filter, alternator, starter motor, termostarterom and necessary sensors to monitor mode. Hydrodynamic transmission automatically adjusted the torque depending on the load. For cargo operations in a limited space there was a function of "creeping progress". The plant has also developed versions of trucks with different types and models of engines and hydrodynamic transmission.


Balkancar 6 September




The company families of electric-powered forklifts were well known. A lot of models are in operation even today in hundreds of trucks in a number of countries from East and Central Europe, Russia and middle East. In 90's the production of trucks reached 15 000 per year. The most polular model was EV 687.

The company also produced engine-powered trucks with capacity between 1600 and 2500 kg. They were assembled with diesel and LPG engines from FORD, RENAULT and ZASTAVA and hydrostatic transmissions from REXROTH.


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