Contactors KPE and KPD

Designed for control of DC electric motors with battery supply in electric trucks.

A contactor is an electrical device which is used for switching an electrical circuit on or off. It is considered to be a special type of relay. However, the basic difference between the relay and contactor is that the contactor is used in applications with higher current carrying capacity, whereas the relay is used for lower current applications. Contactors can be field mounted easily and are compact in size. Generally, these electrical devices feature multiple contacts. These contacts are in most cases normally open and provide operating power to the load when the contactor coil is energized. Contactors are most commonly used for controlling electric motors.

What do the KPE and KPD contactors do?
  • In normal operation: As a main contactor in industrial trucks, it connects the battery and drive unit and controls the speed of the motor. 
  • Emergency disconnection: The contactor disconnects the entire vehicle from the power supply and induces a safe state.
  • In the event of service: In service mode and during maintenance, there are various test steps to be performed in which the contactor must switch.
  • In lengthy downtimes: The contactor disconnects the battery pack from the vehicle drive. Therefore, battery discharge from silent consumers (standby currents of control units), for example, can be prevented.

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