Hand Pallet Trucks KT

Hand Pallet Trucks

Balkancar hand pallet trucks are very reliable, customisable and with a minimum maintenance requirements. They are suitable for a broad range of material handling moments, including horizontal transport, order picking, loading / unloading and stacking. Designed for ease of use, our long-lasting trucks allow for the safe and efficient movement of goods with very little effort. Most popular Balkancar trucks belongs to the KT-series. They offer a load capacity of up to 3 tonnes and provide lift heights up to 200 millimetres. 




KT20H; KT20H 1.0; KT20H 2.5; KT20H 3.0

Load Capacity:

2000 kg; 1000 kg; 2500 kg; 3000 kg

Lifting height:

200 mm

Lower lost height:

85 mm

Working length:

up to 1800 mm

Working width:

540 mm; 685 mm; 950 mm

Pedestrian controlled electric pallet trucks


Pedestrian controlled electric pallet trucks 



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