Engine-powered lift trucks family "RECORD-4S"

As of 2011, new series of new IC trucks RECORD 4S, having load capacity 10000 kg and 12500 kg. are in production.

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Type /diesel/


Capacity [kg] Балканкар Рекорд 4S



DV 1998.XX.YZK  L



10 000


DV 1999.XX.YZK  L


12 500


  • XX - heights: from 3300 to 4500 mm (3300 , 4000, 4500 mm)
  • Y- engines:
    2 - DEUTZ
  • Z - Transmission:
    5-T 12000 "DANA"
  • К - Drive axle:
    1 - DANA 176/399
  • L - Lifting mast:
    S - simplex
Other variants are possible upon placing a custom order.


Engine-powered lift trucks family "RECORD-2SR" 

Combines the best of both design and ergonomics of the RECORD 2S family. The increased clearance and the built-in driving axle with differential lock allow working on both rough terrains and solid surface sites.

Type DV 1794 DV 1798 Балканкар Рекорд 2SR
Load capacity, kg



Lifting height, mm





Engine-powered lift trucks family "RECORD-2S" 

High technical performance. Proved efficiency and durability. Low service and maintenance costs.


Type M784 M786 M788 M792 M794 M798 Балканкар Рекорд 2С
Load capacity, kg: 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 5000


Engine-powered lift trucks family "RECORD-3S"

Powerful and economical. Low noise level and high exhaust gas purity. Comfortable for work – the cabin module is hung on elastic-rubber pads.

Type DV1990 DV1992 DV1994 DV1996 Балканкар Рекорд 3S
Load capacity, kg: 5000 6000 7000 8000


Engine-powered fork lift trucks family "Record -1S"

Compact design and high mobility. Convenience of operation. Optimum price/quality ratio for а machine of this category. Original harmony of up-to-date shape and excellent ergonomical indexes. Low level of noise and vibration. The engines confirm to the norms for emissions under ISO 8178 and Regulations 49 of IKE/UN.

Type DV M630 DV M632 DV M636 DV M638 Балканкар Рекорд 1С
Load capacity, kg: 1250 1500 1750 2000


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